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A Special Tree signifies HOPE

posted Mar 26, 2017, 7:15 AM by Google Apps
You may remember the weekly update that I sent in early December describing the SCKSEC “Happy Tree” and how much effort and care Nathanael, Adam, Cris, and I put into the tree for it to take root and grow into a beautiful tree. Our Happy Tree held much significance, at that time, in working together to create a welcoming, uplifting and solid organization. We looked forward to watching it’s first buds break forth in the upcoming spring.

Then, the ice storm happened in mid January. It left many without power for a few days with a quarter inch icing that covered power lines, streets and tree branches. When I arrived at the SCKSEC office and looked out the front door, our Happy Tree had been destroyed by the ice. The top of the tree was snapped in two, with barely a thread of life, yet it sparkled amazingly in the sun. Several people commented on how sad our tree looked and what a disappointment to lose such a beautiful tree.

I thought about the significance this tree had for our organization and the hope that we have for each one of our students, which is to create the very best path to life’s journey, then decided to attempt to save the tree. I consulted with Arborist, Rod Seidel, who came out to view the damage. Cris and I felt that if anyone could save our tree, it would be all of us working together. It took Rod’s expertise to straighten the tree, prune the smaller branches, brace the main trunk, and then wrap the damaged area with black tape. This type of damage was significant to the tree; the top branches had a small chance to survive.

It looked mangled, but we held on to hope that it would survive. When disaster happens, it makes us reach out to one another, to work together to support others and have faith that we will overcome and never give in. Our now “Special Tree” signifies just that as we look at ourselves in special education. We look at imperfections as uniqueness, celebrate differences, and look for growth potential and NEVER GIVE UP on our students! When you get the chance to drop by the SCKSEC office, take a look at our “Special Tree”. It now has buds all the way to the top branches. It stands tall to signify what we do best, provide HOPE, JOY and PURPOSE for all!