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posted May 10, 2016, 1:14 PM by Google Apps
That’s the sum of an adventuresome year at SCKSEC. Finale is relative to a musical symphony. The conductor invigorates the orchestra to a crestal point, and then ends with the daintiest decrescendo.

As I look back at the accomplishments of this year, it is many. We began the year with a new look to the IEP format to create a baseline for compliance. Our teachers embraced this change with acceptance and grace. At the last file review we had very few amendments. How refreshing! Changes have also been made in our Inservice formats. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the Professional Development Committee and listened to your feedback. Our teachers are building avenues of leadership through mentoring and presentation. An added change was providing ENGAGE modules to create a more fluent professional development approach.

The SCKSEC leadership team has worked tirelessly with district personnel to support students, teachers, and paraprofessionals. We have worked diligently to enhance information, communication, and expand curriculum options for our students. I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated leadership team! The SCKSEC vision and mission are foremost in our minds, as we’ve worked to create quality learning for students.

One of the latest developments is the Skyward Business Suite and employee portal. This will allow us to be more efficient and effective in our day-to-day operations. It is a new and vital endeavor. I believe that we again, will accept the change with an anabolic nature. Change is sometimes difficult, but when embraced with optimism it will produce powerful success.

Thank you for all for a significant first year as the Director of SCKSEC. We are a dynamic orchestra working to strengthen each and every child we touch.