A key factor in student success is the relationships that are formed between all stakeholders. One of the five R’s that is part of the accreditation process is Relationship. Special educators have had relationships at the top of their radar for quite some time. Yearly, we gather as a team to discuss student achievement, behavior success, social-emotional strides and any needs pertaining to identified students. We believe that relationship is at the heart of every student’s progress. We work closely with parents, related services providers, outside agencies and even community support to give every opportunity for growth. We are committed to relationship growth potential and will continue to strengthen this component of the five R’s.

Here are some of the great things happening in our cooperative. Noni New, our Early Childhood specialist and social worker is now presenting information on Positive Parenting. This six week parenting program offers parents positive and effective techniques to bring out the best in every child! Please connect with Noni to help parents enroll in these powerful classes. Her email is noni.new@scksec.com. Our MST team continues to support students, teachers, and parents through the Multi-disciplinary team to find resources that will positively affect students and family. Tele-medicine services through KU Med Center provide medical, psychological and behavioral support for students and families, as well. SCKSEC continues to seek ways to benefit families through additional outside agencies and strengthen relationships in the each member community. We believe the key to student success is through positive relationships, which bring hope, joy, and purpose for all involved!