Member Districts

The South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of one member from the board of education of each school district.

Member Districts:

Mike RogersUSD 254 Medicine Lodge
Steve Allen      USD 255 South Barber
 Tiffany SowaUSD 300 Coldwater
 Tab TurnerUSD 331 Kingman
 Joyce GridleyUSD 332 Cunningham
 Keith McNickleUSD 349
 Debby WaddleUSD 350 St. John
 Aaron WolffUSD 351 Macksville
 Angie HiggsUSD 361 Anthony/Harper
 Chris DrakeUSD 382 Pratt
 Ki GambleUSD 422 Greensburg
 Jeff SladeUSD 438 Skyline
 Diane ThompsonUSD 474 Haviland
 Brandi WheatonUSD 502 Lewis
 Roger GoodmanUSD 511 Attica