Emergency Safety Interventions

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What are Emergency Safety Interventions?

Emergency Safety Intervention is the use of seclusion or restraint.

Physical Restraint :

Bodily force used to substantially limit a student’s movement, except that consensual, solicited, or unintentional contact and contact to provide comfort, assistance or instruction shall not be deemed to be physical restraint


The placement of a student in a location where all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The student is placed in an enclosed area by school personnel.

  2. The student is purposefully isolated form adults and peers.

  3. The student is prevented from leaving or the student reasonably believes that such student will be prevented from leaving the enclosed area.

When can Emergency Safety Interventions be used?

Emergency safety interventions shall be used only when a student presents a reasonable and immediate danger of physical harm to such student or others with the present ability to effect such physical harm. Less restrictive alternatives to emergency safety interventions, such as positive behavior interventions support, shall be deemed inappropriate or ineffective under the circumstances by the school employee witnessing the student’s behavior prior to the use of any emergency safety interventions. The use of emergency safety interventions shall cease as soon as the immediate danger of physical harm ceases to exist. Violent action that is destructive of property may necessitate the use of an emergency safety intervention. Use of an emergency safety intervention for purposes of discipline, punishment or for the convenience of a school employee shall not meet the standard of immediate danger of physical harm.

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