1.a. E-Jam_final.pdf


1.c. Career Scope.pdf

1. Promoting Self Determination-all ages

1. Timeline for planning.pdf

10. 411 Disability Disclosure.pdf

10. a. Defining Your Disability.pdf

10. Sportsman's Skills.pdf

10 Note Page

11. Planning for the Future.pdf

11 Criteria placing student

12. MAPs.pdf

12 CBT Info Sheet

13. b. Pam's letter to Employers.pdf

13. good_day_plan

13 Parental Consent Form

14.a. Self- Deter Checklist Self Assessment(I'm determined).pdf

14.b. Self-determination strategy (I'm determined).pdf

14-15 CBT Criteria Agreement

15. Coffee Breaks and Birthday Cakes.pdf

15. Welcome to my IEP Meeting ppt outline

16. 16 Habits of the Mind.pdf

17. Youth and Disability Disclosure for Families and Advocates.pdf

18. Think College.pdf

19.a. Students with Disabilities prepare for Post Secondary Education.pdf

19. High school to college.pdf

19. Resources

19 Note Page

2. Parent Info-Self-Determination(I'm determined).pdf

2. Transition and Knowledge and Skills Statements.pdf

20 GL for job application

21 Job Application REVISED(2)

23-24 Student interview-misc

27-28 Interview Hosp:Nursing

3.a. This is How I see Myself.pdf

3. Parents Guide for Self-De for Early Elementary.pdf

3. Work Personality Profile.pdf

31 Interview Dietary

32 Interview vet clinic

33 Employee Interviewing Rating Sheet

35 CBT training information

37 Jobsite notebook

3 Student Advocacy

4. Study Skills Inventory.pdf

44 Note Page

4 Job TA approach

5. Reading Skills List.pdf

52 Re-eval instructions

53a-55b completed Re-eval

57-59 re-eval comments

6. Math Skills List.pdf

64-64 WJE Instructions

66-68 Grading Scales

68 Emloyee supervised rating sheets

7. Getting to Know Your Anger.pdf

7. Writing Skills List.pdf

77 Daily Log Sheet

8.d. Self-advocacyandtheTransitiontoCollege12-20-2011.pdf

9. Virtual Field Trips.pdf

Act from presentation.pdf

Action Plan

Act Strategies from ppt.pdf

After Training To-Do List


Another Strategy from ppt.pdf


Cocktail Party

CoffeeBreaks - PW - rgankslo.pdf

CoffeeSurvey - PW - doldnest.pdf

Community Colleges Technical Colleges Schools Contact Info

Cover Page - Training Materials

CR Curricula Box List

CR Materials Review Form

Dr _O_Leary_Overview_Indicator_13_Revised_Transition_Services (2).pdf

Enhancing Career Readiness Flyer.pdf

Environment to support SD from ppt.pdf

EWS Marketing Fall 2012

Experience Outcomes and Learn(from ppt).pdf



Habits of Mind.pdf

Independent Living Post Secondary Goal questionnaire.pdf

Involving Families from ppt.pdf

Know yourself strategies from ppt.pdf

KSDE Career Cluster Model.pdf

More SD Strategies to sup env from ppt.pdf

Other Transition Assessments - Add if you want.pdf

PD Certificate.pdf

Plan from ppt.pdf

Plan Strategies from ppt.pdf

Poll Everywhere Activity

Regional Map (2)


SD HS IAminCharge - iep presentation.pdf

SD Im Determined Parents Brochure.pdf

SD Needs Assessment Tool.pdf

Self Advocacy and Leadership.pdf


SPED directors by region

Techniques for Students to Participate in IEP.pdf

The ARCs Self-Determination Scale.pdf

Think College KS.pdf

Timeline for Planning.pdf


Transition Assessment Planning Form

Value Yourself from ppt.pdf

Value yourself Strategies from ppt.pdf

What are some Effective Strategies

What is Self Determination from ppt.pdf